It’s the cutest!

my iPod shuffle is here!I finally got my new iPod shuffle this week. It is quite exciting, I must say. I have been annoying people in the office by shoving it in their faces and saying “Isn’t it cuuuuute?!?”

So far I have uploaded lots of music and NPR podcasts for the gym. And it has been an excellent addition to my gym experience. I love that I can just clip it to my clothes and that I don’t feel it at all.

In other tiny gadget news: I just ordered a  PanTech C300, which is the tiniest, cutest phone from Cingular (yes, I switched from Sprint because I wanted to cute phone and a cheaper plan). I won’t be the first girl on the block to have it, but I am still excited. I did a tiny bit of research online today to make sure that it wasn’t completely panned by the critics, and I stumbled across the CNet video review, which happened to be by Nicole Lee, who I have met through! It’s a very small world.

Expect a picture of the new phone when it arrives in a few days, taken with my super cute and tiny Sony T7.


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