A new chapter, a bend in the road, etc.

After five years with IBM, I have decided to leave for other opportunities. Well, for one opportunity. In a few weeks, I will be starting my new job as a technical writer at Coverity.

I’ll be doing a very similar job as my current job, only for a very small company. Aside from the size of the company, the other big change is the location. Instead of driving to south-south-south San Jose, I’ll be taking the train to San Francisco and working in SOMA/South Beach.

Thinking back to my first day at IBM in 2001 just out of college, I see how much I have grown professionally and personally since then. So much changes in five years! I won’t miss the work, but I am going to miss all of the great people I have met at IBM over the years: the mentors, the cheerleaders, the coffee-breakers, the long-lunch-takers, the commiseraters, and the good friends.

Of course, this one change has started a chain reaction of others changes. Next week will be my last week to volunteer with the kids at HomeSafe, and my last week to tutor math at Oak Grove High School. This is also going to impact my availability to teach classes at 24 Hour Fitness, but I am hoping that I’ll be able to teach either in the city or to teach classes later in the evening in San Jose. And yes, I have already started looking at how to overbook myself with extra-curriculars in SF, like ballet classes and volunteer work!

And then there is the big question: Am I going to move to San Francisco? Not for now. But we’ll see how the commute goes, and what the rental market is like in San Jose and San Francisco, and how often I find myself crashing on friends’ floors in the city. I would really love to live in San Francisco again.


One response to “A new chapter, a bend in the road, etc.

  1. Yay for progress! Give me a call next time you’re in town and we will celebrate your new job with nifty cocktails.

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