Wrapping up and getting healthy

DSC05001This week was supposed to be full of lasts for me: last time volunteering, last time at my step class, last time tutoring. But then…I got sick. I hate that. I never get sick. Or at least I live in denial and think that I never get sick.

Wednesday, I was sicker than I have been in years, with the flu or something. Who knows. I thought I was getting better, but I had to miss most of work today too. I think I am finally starting to get better, but I thought that last night as well.

I have pretty much wrapped up my work at IBM. I had my exit interview, my office is mostly cleaned out, and I have finished most of my projects.

I have also been saying my goodbyes, and it has been sad realizing that I won’t be seeing these people everyday anymore. Everyone has been incredibly encouraging with my new job and have said some really sweet things. And driving home tonight, I noticed this note on my windshield. I’ll miss everyone at IBM too!

Tomorrow is my going away lunch, and then I turn in my badge and computer! And that will be it!


One response to “Wrapping up and getting healthy

  1. Awww, cute.

    Good luck with the new job!

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