New job update

Since I realized that I probably have new readers (Hi coworkers! Hi family!), I thought I better put up a quick update now that I have started the new job. So…

  • Caltrain is working out well so far, except that the drive to the train station sucks and I think I am going to take the light rail instead starting next week.
  • New job is good so far. I haven’t really done much yet, but I think that will quickly change.
  • I am exhausted from getting up early. I am on day two and haven’t overslept yet (thanks to setting two alarms), but I am still staying up too late at night.
  • And dude! Remember how sick I was last week and how I thought that I got a nasty spider bite or something? I was talking to my sister in law and we realized that I have shingles! Seriously. I finally made it to the doctor today and she confirmed it. But sadly, there is nothing that can be done about it. I just have to wait it out. At least I am feeeling way better compared to last week. If you are running to WebMD right now, chill out. It isn’t a big deal when you are young. I’ll be fine. No, you didn’t catch it from me.
  • Working in San Francisco is great!

2 responses to “New job update

  1. Lauren –

    Congrats on your new job (and on moving on from SVL hehe). I randomly came across your blog as I was pondering former co-workers — great job on the blog btw. It’s good to hear (er, read) that you’re doing well … best of luck in the new job; may it prove as challenging (and more) as IBM 🙂

    And Happy 27 (just read your post from 12/13 …).

  2. Google is the best search engine

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