‘Tis the season

My cozy living roomWell, I managed to put up my Christmas tree this year. I don’t know if anyone else will see it, but it is up. Plus all of the outdoor garland. I even played Christmas music while I did it. I am wearing a Santa hat right now (it was in the box). No ornaments yet, but there’s a star. Hopefully the cats won’t destroy everything while I am up in the city tomorrow night for a little holiday party.

Speaking of parties, I have too many and thus don’t have any specific birthday plans. The holiday festivities started off on Friday at Anna‘s for a little tree trimming, egg nogging, and crafting (talk about a word to scare boys away).

I also have holiday parties this Saturday and next, and with me working in the city during the week, there is just no other time to throw a party. I had wanted to do a holiday party since I was planning on decorating, but I was too slow with the planning.

Stairway lightsSpeaking of slow planning, I still don’t know where I am going to go for the holidays. I need to figure that out and let everyone know when I finally decide. I’ll either be in Spokane or Sacramento.

The holiday panic hasn’t quite hit me yet. I just had my annual “woah, my birthday is in less than a week” revelation. Next up is “crap, it is too late to order anything online and get it to arrive on time, and that means I am too late to mail anything to my parents anyway, now what?” panic.

Right now I have been focused on work and staying in touch with everyone in the city and in San Jose, but it is hard to find time for everything. I haven’t even been to the gym in weeks. But I tell myself that I am still transitioning and I really do plan on going to the gym in SOMA one of these days.

Next up is skiing!


One response to “‘Tis the season

  1. wow, thanks for the link! that tree trimming is hte best party I’ve had in AGES. I’m spazzing about birthday party. Can’t … figure… it … out. Thinking of doing a chinatown treasure hunt OR a fishy wharf one. For some reason, I’m really pumped about the fishy wharf one.

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