Learn something new…

Morning commuteI learned two very useful things today:

1. Walking up on the lightrail platform, I passed a lady who I usually see also take Caltrain. She stopped me, and said that she noticed that I used a monthly pass on Caltrain, and so I didn’t need to buy a VTA ticket. And here I was feeling guilty for sometimes not buying a VTA ticket (machines are always finicky and no one ever checks for tickets). I thanked her for telling (I love people!), and when I got into work this morning, I checked the Caltrain website, and after some considerable digging, did find that VTA is in fact covered by my monthly pass. You’d think that Caltrain would advertise this fact better since it is like an added $60 value.

2.  Google doesn’t care about periods in your Gmail address. It just ignores them, so you can add as many as you want, and don’t need to worry if you forget one. Nifty.


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