Traffic and croissants

Nights like tonight are one of the reasons why I took a job in the city. At the last minute, I was able to go to dinner with Anna and Rebecca in North Beach. Afterward, I met Normen for a quick beer in Lower Height. Hooray for city friends!

Normally I wouldn’t have been able to do dinner at the last minute, but I overslept this morning, and drove to work instead of taking Caltrain. I had to pay $15 frickin’ dollars to park at work because there was a stupid football game at AT&T Park, so I am glad that I got some benefit from having my car with me.

Driving home wouldn’t have been a big deal, except that I have a talent for getting into mid-night traffic jams on 101. It took me over 20 minutes to get from that little bit of80 from Octavia to the actual 101 South (that’s maybe a quarter mile).  I just got home a few minutes ago, and was greeted by a box of frozen croissants (a Christmas present that I had been expecting). I am thinking that they will make perfect munchies on New Year’s Eve, especially since I am going to try to cut out white flour for a New Year’s resolution.

I really should write a post to catch you all up on my exicting two weeks since I got old, but that will have to wait. I was just feeling especially grateful for my friends tonight and wanted to write about it. Now it is off to bed so I don’t oversleep and miss the train again tomorrow morning.


One response to “Traffic and croissants

  1. Funny…I was up in the city for a meeting and after a futile search for a rain jacket at REI and Sports Basement, met up with a friend for dinner at Koh Samui and the Monkey. Both of us were wondering WTF was going on with parking in the neighborhood before we figured out there was a bowl game being played at Pac Bell.

    Finished dinner as people were streaming out of the stadium and took the foot traffic as determination that, instead of 101/280, I needed to take 80 to 880, which was clean as a whistle. But I was going back to Fremont, not San Ho. (That said, if you live on the south side, 80-880-101/680 might be faster.)

    I hear a lot of folks working in SoMa avoid parking charges by street-parking in the Portrero Hill area and then take Muni up 3rd Street…

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