Second chance at a new year

My new year didn’t start off very well. When I got to my car after Rebecca’s New Year’s Eve party, I discovered that it had been broken into. Someone smashed the back window out, and it wasn’t until later that I remembered that I had an overnight bag and a long wool coat in the back seat. It is just a such a waste, and I hope that at least my coat, gloves, coat, sweater, and shoes are keeping someone warm tonight.

It feels like a terrible way to start the new year. Things just aren’t right in a lot of ways. But I have other chances.

January 14 is New Year’s Day according to the Julian calendar.  And Chinese New Year on February 18. Maybe I’ll try to follow some of the Chinese traditions, including cleaning my condo, to make up for my bad start to January. And then there is the parade on March 3 in Chinatown, which I have been wanting to go to ever since I read The Cable Car and the Dragon as a kid.

It is a bit late, or rather a little early, but I wish everyone, even whoever broke my window, especially that person, a much better year 2007, and a downright transcendental 2008 (it is never too early for wishes).


2 responses to “Second chance at a new year

  1. Re: the photo of you behind a pole- I tried to make up for it by linking to your Full House post on sf-metblogs 🙂

    another chinese tradition… packets of money….

  2. ..packets of money to single people from married people. I have been doing my research. I knew there had to be some upside to being single!

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