Night in the city

After one of the longest four-day weeks ever, I found myself having quite the fun Friday night in San Francisco. I could barely keep myself awake at work on Friday while I was doing all the busy-work associated with getting yet another release out the door.  But the endless cups of coffee kept me going.

The night started at MoMo’s for the monthly Coverity happy hour. Kathy and Rebecca crashed the party and greatly improved the female:male ratio. The sidecars and Hendrick’s martinis were rather disappointing, but did the job of getting me rather tipsy by the time the three of us girls heading out and towards Iluna Basque for dinner with Anna.

Sitting around the table with the three others,  sipping wine and munching on tapas, I felt so lucky to have such fun, accomplished, wonderful friends to spend a Friday night with in the city. After we had coffee at Caffe Greco, Anna and I met Rob and Normen and other south-bayers for a show at Cobb’s.

The MC was beyond bad, but the two comics performing, with the help of my two tequilas, were pretty funny.  Rob and Katie drove my barely conscious self back down to San Jose, where I fell into bed and did not emerge until after noon today.

Now sitting on my couch, watching reruns of Band of Brothers, and working on this post, I stumbled across the soon-to-be infamous post by Anna: An Entire Post about Lauren. Very sweet, but let me just say that I think it was the others last night and not so much me who were harassing Anna.

Today I am just relaxing at home in my pajamas. Later I am going to head to the gym. I looked at a calendar and realized that I haven’t been since November 13 (before I got shingles and started my new job)! I can’t believe it’s been so long. So very sad and I must get back to my usual 3-times-a-week routine, even with being in the city during the week.

Tomorrow I am going bridesmaid dress shopping, which I think will make me motivated to  get back to the gym. I am looking forward to spending the day with my south bay girls. I love being in San Francisco and going out with my friends there, but it is hard to find time to see my friends down here. I am doing my best to stay in touch with everyone, and it is just requiring more planning and coordination than it used to!  I am thinking it might be about time for a little San-Ho par-tay.


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  1. I like the pronunciation guide! no more Josie and Frisco

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