The awkward years

My recent post that included a picture of me in my 7th grade band uniform seems to have amused many of you. In case you haven’t had the time to sift through my entire Flickr stream and discover my embarassing pictures from The Awkward Years (ages 11 to 16), here you go:

Here I am at probably 12 years old, shotting some silly string at a parade. Note the large red glasses, meticulously curled bangs, and fashionable magenta checked sweater. Even though it was 1992, the 80s were still alive and well.

Lauren at the Lilac parade

Next up, band geek revisited. Oh yeah, looking sharp at age 15 with my horn teacher Casey. I have upgraded to somewhat smaller glasses, brown this time to go with my Costco-purchased dress. Hey, this was long before Spokane had a Banana Republic, and we hadn’t even heard of Abercrombie yet. Once again, you can see that I carefully curled my bangs for this band competition. Looking back, I can now see why I wasn’t being asked to the winter formal that year.

Freshman horn competition

Finally, here I am at 17, to prove that I did move past the awkward phase at about this age. Plus who doesn’t want to see Lauren in a Catholic shool girl’s outfit? This was this summer that I was an exchange student in Japan, so I got to wear the school uniform for a few weeks. Blue is a good color for me, huh? Just too bad that it wasn’t the cliche sailor outfit.

Catholic school in Japan


3 responses to “The awkward years

  1. There’s this set of like 5 years where all of my sisters and me looked crazy awkward. I think we may have to burn those photos 🙂 Your teacher’s shirt is worse than any sweater you are in in any photo. I have to say something sounds nasty about “horn teacher” but I can’t quite… verbalize it. It’s like Alan my cello teacher. Something about it was slimy.

  2. I’ve got it: he has high waisted belted, tight chinos, and a Navajo inspired print button-down. And you guys look related.

  3. Umm…Casey’s a she

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