Yoga, Pilates, Elliptical, oh my!

I am trying really step up going back to the gym. I don’t know why I stopped going for so long. When I am at the gym, I am really happy and enjoy myself. And a few years ago, I never thought I’d say that. Anyway, in the last two days, I have done the following workouts:

  • 1/2 mile jogging on the treadmill: I feel good that this now feels like an easy warm-up and not a big deal.
  • Pilates: I am really liking this class and I am going to try to take it more regularly. I don’t really get sweaty, and so I could do this class during the day. Plus it really works my gluts and hamstrings: muscles that I realize I haven’t been strengthening enough.
  •  Yoga: It’s okay, but it feels like a slow pilates, and instead of being relaxed, I am bored and annoyed by the slightest distraction.
  • Step: I finally made it to my old class because I was in SJ for jury duty. I enjoyed seeing everyone again, and even though I could tell I was out of practice, it felt really good. I am sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.
  • Elliptical machine: I did a half hour after the pilates class because I felt that I needed some cardio. Does it really burn about 800 calories and hour as the machine claims?

What’s my point? I was so hungry tonight, like more than usual. I think it is the increase in exercise is starting to speed up my metabolism. At least I hope so!


2 responses to “Yoga, Pilates, Elliptical, oh my!

  1. Yay! Give me a call if you want to meet up for a quick run in the City.

    I’ve been using the elliptical machines at my gym (easier on the knees) and I’ve also felt like the calorie figures are a bit inflated.

  2. Great…Thank For Share This.

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