View from my old houseNo, I am not self-identifying with a new sexual orientation. Rather, I am quite excited that I have a made a little step closer to moving to San Francisco! I am not quite ready to totally give up my place in San Jose, but I would also like a place to stay up in the city during the week other than my wonderful friend’s couches when I want to stay later than the last baby bullet back home.

Starting today, I guess, I have a little crash pad in Inner Sunset. My sweetie of a friend Miss H isn’t in the city full-time, especially during the week, so it should work well: I help out with rent, and I don’t have to take the train home every night. So exciting! And maybe I’ll get to see my mountain-girl friend a little more often too. Now it’s time to clean up my condo so I can rent out a room. Anyone looking for a room in San Jose?

Small world (I know a lot of you have already heard this): this little apartment is only four blocks from my very first home. I was born in San Francisco and spent my first 3 1/2 years in a flat around the corner. Aw, sweet, huh?


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