I have started my back-and-forth life between San Jose and San Francisco. It started just in time: Friday night after the company holiday party (for the last time, they combined it with the quarterly meeting). It was so nice to not have to go back to San Jose, although it didn’t quite feel like I was going home either. The next day, my new roomie and I enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather by running errands around the Sunset, cuminating in us buying matching t-shirts that annouced “The Sunset.” Yes, we are that cool.

Yesterday I started the train commute, packing a bag, staying in the city, coming back on the train the next day after work thing. The worst part is hauling around a big heavy bag. I hope that will get better as I start to collect some basics in the city. Now I am back in San Jose, trying to get the energy to repack my bag so that I can stay up in the city again tomorrow night for a Yelp party. I wonder if this will get even older than taking the train to and from San Jose every day. We’ll see.

I must say that so far I am having a blast being up in the city. For example, last night I met Anna and Nancy for drinks, which turned into a full night of wine, oysters, and jazz. Nice, huh?


One response to “SJ-SF

  1. You HAVE to keep stuff up there! As a former massage therapist I can tell you, lugging heavy bags will wear down your body and your spirit QUICKLY! Pack a suitcase and move in girl! 😉 I’ll be up Thursday. Will make you some space in closet and dresser!

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