There was a time when I had some peace. A time when I didn’t have a cell phone. Didn’t instant message.

When I wasn’t at home, I never had to wonder why someone wasn’t calling me. When I was on my computer, I didn’t have to see someone else online and wonder why they weren’t IMing me.

But now. Now, I am painfully aware when my phone, always within a few feet of me, isn’t ringing.  Now, when I am on my computer, I have an always visible list of who are at their computers. And if someone isn’t online, then I have to wonder what they are doing not at their computer.

And some dots I follow from green to orange to grey, as if those colors will give me something to make me feel more connected.


One response to “Connected

  1. I recommend listening to the song “Little Red Light” by Fountains of Wayne, which addresses this very issue. Only in a delightfully old-fashioned technology from the 90’s sort of way.

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