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Hanging on

DCP_1450When I was a kid, I would go “tubing” behind my friend’s boat during the summer. Instead of water skiing, we would tie an inner-tube behind the powerboat. Then the driver, usually a teenage boy, would drag the poor victim through the water in circles to swing the tube out to the side and then bounce the tube over the waves that the boat created. It was tuber v. driver.

I was good at this game. I would hold on to the tube no matter what they threw at me. My hands would burn from almost getting ripped from the handles, my body would hang almost completely off the tube and get pounded over and over on the surface of the water. But I always held on, even if it hurt, even if I was tired, even if it was scary. It was just too exhilarating to not try to stay on for as long as I could. Plus, I had to show everyone that nothing could take me down, that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t make me let go.

Because I never let go on my accord, my turn behind the boat aways ended because I was ripped violently from the tube. This usually involved somersaults through the air, painful impacts on the surface of the water, huge amounts of lake water drunk, and occasionally, a loss of swimwear. But I didn’t care. Even the big crash at the end was fun, and if I was going to go, I was going to go in a big way for everyone to see who was watching on the boat.

That’s how life is for me right now. The turns are getting faster and the waves bigger, and even though it is getting harder to hold on, and even though it hurts sometimes, it is getting more and more thrilling. Sure, I might go flying off. The crash might look bad, but I’ll be fine. I’ll climb back on, and really climbing back on is the hardest part and takes the most strength. And I’ll give the thumbs up to the driver and be off again.

Today I bought a ticket and tomorrow I fly to Colorado for the weekend. I see a big wave ahead and so I am grasping tight. Maybe I’ll bounce around and stay on, or maybe I’ll be thrown off into the water. But either way, it will be quite the ride.


The System

New job, new city, new insurance. So I am calling a UCSF clinic to make a doctor’s appointment.

“Have you been here before? Are you in our system?” The lady on the phone asks.

“No, I’m new.”

“Ok, let’s add you to our system. What is your name?”

“H…O…E…” I spell out my name to her.

“Oh, you’ve been here before. You’re in our system,” she says.

“No, I’m new,” I assure her.

“Let’s see. The last time you were here was…12/11/79.”

“That’s my birthday.” It hits me and I’m suddenly impressed with UCSF’s information system.

“Are you still on 11th Avenue?”

“Not for about 25 years.”

“Ok, let’s update your information in the system.”

It’s all in the timing

My life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks. But I have been really surprised by the timing of it all. Seems like everyone has this sense of when I am too busy or preoccupied and so left me alone. Then, as soon as I have a chance to breathe, the phone rings.

For example, I had a rare free night, and a friend asks me if I want to go to dinner. Then later in the week, I get home from my very first ballet lesson (in 20 years), take a shower, get settled in, and it wasn’t until then that my phone rings, and I launch into a very emotional conversation. The next day, my dad seemed to know just when my files were all checked in at work for a big deadline, and then calls me to tell me some important news.

I went to a movie on Valentine’s Day with some friends and new acquaintances, and looking around at all of the couples with flowers, I felt absolutely no envy. I’ve never been into Valentine’s Day, but there was a time when I wished that I was one of those people walking down the street holding hands going somewhere romantic. Instead, I was very happy that I was out with a fun group of people and that I didn’t have to worry about relationship stuff. It was much more fun to instead gossip about past relationships and other people. Again, good timing because since I was single, I was able to go out with friends and have a good time. If I’d still been in a relationship, I’d probably be home whining about how stupid Valentine’s Day is.

This weekend I am back in San Jose doing exciting things like getting my hair cut and feeding the cats. I am also nursing a sore throat, so my voice is a little lower than usual (I was having fun singing in the shower with my altered voice). I am determined to get myself back to 100% healthy for the first time in weeks. (I’ll spare you the details, but there’s been one annoying thing wrong with me after another for the past few weeks.) So once again, good timing that I have Monday off.

Monday is the new…Wednesday?

Party girls!Seems like Wednesday is the night for events at bars and clubs since Thursday begins the weekend going-out scene. But StumbleUpon stepped it up and threw its anniversary party on a Monday night at 111 Minna. Of course I was up for a party on a Monday! And of course I invited all of my friends who are up from Monday-night parties. Hooray for Evite!

The result: a great time after a crappy Sunday and a killer headache Tuesday morning. Damn you, open bar. I mean, I love you open bar! Keep the open bars coming, people!

And the wiis! Talk about a nerd fantasy: open bar AND lots of wiis to play with! I blame the open bar, but just about the only thing I was able to accomplish with the wii remote was making it vibrate. Oh, and Matt’s DJing was, I want to say ‘awesome’, but that is not a very cool adjective, so I’ll say ‘sick’ to sound hipper. Oh, and there were some webfamous people sightings, but, again thanks to the open bar, I can’t recall much more than that.

Time for a change

If you read my blog with an RSS reader, then you really don’t care. But if you happen to visit, you’ll see that I have changed the theme. It was time for a change. I am over my blue period. The cool thing with this theme is that I can change the picture. I haven’t decided what to use yet, so expect to see a rotation for a while–at least until I find something I like, or until I get bored.

SFWoW has a blog!

Everyone needs a friend like Anna. I mention that it would be great if SFWoW had a blog. I blink. And the SFWoW blog is born, complete with it’s first post! Then when I start mucking around with it, she right there online answering all of my questions about CSS and PHP and such. I’ll be contributing to the blog along with SFWoW directors and board members. It should be fun! Get ready for a new feed!

Life without a camera

Although I hadn’t seen it in a few weeks, I refused to believe that my camera was really lost. And yesterday, I was tidying up around the SF apartment and found my camera! See? It wasn’t really lost. I don’t have my battery charger in the city, and so posting backlogged pictures, including the Coverity holiday party, will have to wait a few more days. And in a few more days, my life will go back to being fully documented.

So what have I been up to the past few weeks sans camera?

  • Starting to plan for the CANWOW party. CANWOW is an event that Rebecca is planning to bring together techie women and recruiters and hiring managers. It isn’t a traditional job fair by any means. It is a party at The Bubble Lounge, and there will be no resumes or tables with brochures. It will be a great opportunity for those looking for work, those looking for the next step in their careers, those just curious about other possibilities, and those (like me) who are happily employed but just want to meet other talented women and talk to people from other companies. I hope to see lots of my blog readers there! More info on RSVPing soon. Oh, and I am doing the PR for the event, so bloggers and press, let me know if you want to go!
  • Found a roommate in San Jose, and spent more time in San Francisco. I’ve gone out a lot–to the point where I just realized that I have yet to eat a meal at home aside from cheese and crackers. But I cleaned out the tiny SF kitchen (yup, nothing past the expiration date is left!) and I should get some food to cook for once. I really tried to start that yesterday by walking to the store, but I got sidetracked by falafel and just ate that instead.
  • Got my very first massage at Kabuki Spa in Japantown. I opted for the shiatsu massage, and it was very relaxing having this little Asian lady climb all over me, kneading and shaking and kneeing me for an hour. Plus I did the communal bath thing, and I was surprised with how relaxed I was hanging out naked. It really is a comfortable and relaxing environment.
  • NOT skiing. It is February and I have yet to be skiing because of the complete lack of snow in Tahoe. But, there does seem to be snow on the way this week.