Life without a camera

Although I hadn’t seen it in a few weeks, I refused to believe that my camera was really lost. And yesterday, I was tidying up around the SF apartment and found my camera! See? It wasn’t really lost. I don’t have my battery charger in the city, and so posting backlogged pictures, including the Coverity holiday party, will have to wait a few more days. And in a few more days, my life will go back to being fully documented.

So what have I been up to the past few weeks sans camera?

  • Starting to plan for the CANWOW party. CANWOW is an event that Rebecca is planning to bring together techie women and recruiters and hiring managers. It isn’t a traditional job fair by any means. It is a party at The Bubble Lounge, and there will be no resumes or tables with brochures. It will be a great opportunity for those looking for work, those looking for the next step in their careers, those just curious about other possibilities, and those (like me) who are happily employed but just want to meet other talented women and talk to people from other companies. I hope to see lots of my blog readers there! More info on RSVPing soon. Oh, and I am doing the PR for the event, so bloggers and press, let me know if you want to go!
  • Found a roommate in San Jose, and spent more time in San Francisco. I’ve gone out a lot–to the point where I just realized that I have yet to eat a meal at home aside from cheese and crackers. But I cleaned out the tiny SF kitchen (yup, nothing past the expiration date is left!) and I should get some food to cook for once. I really tried to start that yesterday by walking to the store, but I got sidetracked by falafel and just ate that instead.
  • Got my very first massage at Kabuki Spa in Japantown. I opted for the shiatsu massage, and it was very relaxing having this little Asian lady climb all over me, kneading and shaking and kneeing me for an hour. Plus I did the communal bath thing, and I was surprised with how relaxed I was hanging out naked. It really is a comfortable and relaxing environment.
  • NOT skiing. It is February and I have yet to be skiing because of the complete lack of snow in Tahoe. But, there does seem to be snow on the way this week.

One response to “Life without a camera

  1. YAY!! Thank goodness I can depend on you to clean up my nasty habits! Glad you are having a good time! I’m so jealous you went to Kabuki! Haven’t been in forever! You up for another slumber party soon? I’ll get with you on the timing! 🙂

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