Monday is the new…Wednesday?

Party girls!Seems like Wednesday is the night for events at bars and clubs since Thursday begins the weekend going-out scene. But StumbleUpon stepped it up and threw its anniversary party on a Monday night at 111 Minna. Of course I was up for a party on a Monday! And of course I invited all of my friends who are up from Monday-night parties. Hooray for Evite!

The result: a great time after a crappy Sunday and a killer headache Tuesday morning. Damn you, open bar. I mean, I love you open bar! Keep the open bars coming, people!

And the wiis! Talk about a nerd fantasy: open bar AND lots of wiis to play with! I blame the open bar, but just about the only thing I was able to accomplish with the wii remote was making it vibrate. Oh, and Matt’s DJing was, I want to say ‘awesome’, but that is not a very cool adjective, so I’ll say ‘sick’ to sound hipper. Oh, and there were some webfamous people sightings, but, again thanks to the open bar, I can’t recall much more than that.


2 responses to “Monday is the new…Wednesday?

  1. open bar… groan. This photo proves that I am asian, as me & Nancy look related.

    hey- nice banner! where did you get the rotaty thing that you & chester have?

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