The System

New job, new city, new insurance. So I am calling a UCSF clinic to make a doctor’s appointment.

“Have you been here before? Are you in our system?” The lady on the phone asks.

“No, I’m new.”

“Ok, let’s add you to our system. What is your name?”

“H…O…E…” I spell out my name to her.

“Oh, you’ve been here before. You’re in our system,” she says.

“No, I’m new,” I assure her.

“Let’s see. The last time you were here was…12/11/79.”

“That’s my birthday.” It hits me and I’m suddenly impressed with UCSF’s information system.

“Are you still on 11th Avenue?”

“Not for about 25 years.”

“Ok, let’s update your information in the system.”


2 responses to “The System

  1. wow. double-wow. And I have a hate-hate relationship with UCSF’s voicemail system until this story. Maybe they’re not so screwy?

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