Hanging on

DCP_1450When I was a kid, I would go “tubing” behind my friend’s boat during the summer. Instead of water skiing, we would tie an inner-tube behind the powerboat. Then the driver, usually a teenage boy, would drag the poor victim through the water in circles to swing the tube out to the side and then bounce the tube over the waves that the boat created. It was tuber v. driver.

I was good at this game. I would hold on to the tube no matter what they threw at me. My hands would burn from almost getting ripped from the handles, my body would hang almost completely off the tube and get pounded over and over on the surface of the water. But I always held on, even if it hurt, even if I was tired, even if it was scary. It was just too exhilarating to not try to stay on for as long as I could. Plus, I had to show everyone that nothing could take me down, that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t make me let go.

Because I never let go on my accord, my turn behind the boat aways ended because I was ripped violently from the tube. This usually involved somersaults through the air, painful impacts on the surface of the water, huge amounts of lake water drunk, and occasionally, a loss of swimwear. But I didn’t care. Even the big crash at the end was fun, and if I was going to go, I was going to go in a big way for everyone to see who was watching on the boat.

That’s how life is for me right now. The turns are getting faster and the waves bigger, and even though it is getting harder to hold on, and even though it hurts sometimes, it is getting more and more thrilling. Sure, I might go flying off. The crash might look bad, but I’ll be fine. I’ll climb back on, and really climbing back on is the hardest part and takes the most strength. And I’ll give the thumbs up to the driver and be off again.

Today I bought a ticket and tomorrow I fly to Colorado for the weekend. I see a big wave ahead and so I am grasping tight. Maybe I’ll bounce around and stay on, or maybe I’ll be thrown off into the water. But either way, it will be quite the ride.


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