My viewI don’t know even where to begin I am so happy. If you are cranky or bitter, you better stop reading this right now because I am just going to piss you off.

Good, are they gone? Now that it is just us happy, cheery folks here, I can be as sunshiny and chipper as I want to be. Because, let me tell you. Life is good. Great. Super. Excellent. Downright peachy.

The sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and the world is falling in love (seriously, what is with everyone getting married this year?). I work at a great company, live in an amazing city, and have the best friends. I am enjoying every beautiful sight, tasty bite, refreshing sip, kind word, and breath of Spring air. Just feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin makes me smile.

Timing continues to be perfect. When something is meant to be, everything falls into place. My life continues to change, and at every turn, it is fuller and more interesting. I am looking around and seeing more and more the life that I always imagined that I would live.

I have never felt so sure about my life. I don’t have a route planned out or a destination in mind. I am just taking one step at a time, enjoying the scenery along the way, and knowing that I am on an amazing, wonderful journey.


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