Spring skiing

Spring in Tahoe

For as much as I talk about it, you’d think I’d make it up to Tahoe before now. But alas, once again my ski season started in March. And it was classic spring skiing, so how could I not? It was over 70 degrees at the base in the afternoons, and since I had come equipped for hot-tubbing, I was inspired. As the token girl on the trip, I had to do my part. Although I did it at first for the pictures, it turns out that it felt surprisingly nice to ski like that. Of course, I was very careful not to fall and skied a bit on the slow side. The snow was almost slush by the afternoon, so I wasn’t going to be doing anything too crazy anyway.

My other first this weekend was buying a pair of skis! I demo’d over the two days, and ended up buying the last pair I tried: K2 “Burnin’ Luv”, which are women’s 167cm, The skis and bindings were only $400, and are like new, save for one tiny scratch. I am quite happy, although I doubt I will have many chances to use them again this season.

This trip was only my second time in North Lake Tahoe. I spent two days skiing at Alpine Meadows, which was nice, except for the runs were very limited since the snow wasn’t the best. There hasn’t been any snow in a while, so the ungroomed areas are ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon. We had to content ourselves with groomed runs, with the occasional foray into the bumps just to torture ourselves a bit. I was skiing with some guys who were just a little bit faster and a little bit better than me, which is exactly what I like: people to push me, but who I won’t slow down much.

I went with a group of guys who are renting a condo right at Alpine Meadows. It was great to drive only a few minutes in the morning the lifts. How can a girl refuse when she is offerred a ride to Tahoe, a nice condo to stay in, and fun skiers to ski with? Actually, I did refuse the first time, but it was because of a little last-minute trip to Colorado, which I will write about one of these days. Saturday night, we ate dinner at Jeremy’s, where I managed to stuff myself on just soup and salad. How can that be? I also drank almost an entire bottle of wine over the course of dinner, and found myself in quite a heated discussion about bad sex vs. no sex, which amused our waitress to no end.

To conclude: a great ski weekend! I hope to be back in April if there is any snow left, but even if I don’t, I’ll have great memories for this year, and great pictures to show my grandkids someday.


2 responses to “Spring skiing

  1. Oooh – I totally want to be in on a cabin in the north side! That’s near royal gorge.

  2. That looks a bit chilly if you ask me. Problem is that if you’re wearing a bikini you really should be doing your coolest skiing 😉

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