Another Colorado adventure

Castlerock Canyon

Last month, I flew to Colorado on a spontaneous little adventure. It was a wonderful weekend where I met new friends, saw new things, and, oh yeah, fell in love. Now I am back in Colorado, this time to drive with my dad across the country to Washington, DC. He starts his new job next week, and so for the next four days, we are going to be driving across the midwest and finally to the east coast. Ok, it isn’t exactly a Colorado adventure, but I don’t have a good name like Mandypulooza for it. Here’s the itinerary:

Colorado Springs to Abilene, Kansas

Abilene to Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis to Columbus, OH

Columbus to Washington, DC

On this big drive, I’ll get to see things that I would never otherwise go out of my way to see, like tomorrow’s destination: Abilene, home of the Eisenhower Presidential Library. Also, I am really excited about seeing the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.

Today, since we were pretty much ready to go, including running errands and me getting a pedicure, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. I asked, “So what do people do in Colorado Springs besides shop?” So we went to Castlewood Canyon State Park. The sun was bright and the air was thin, so we didn’t hike around too much, but it was nice to get outside and see some classic Colorado scenery.

Tomorrow, Dad and I will be on the road early, heading out on to the plains. I’ll keep ya posted!


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