Day 2

Me and Ike
Day 2 began nicely, with a nice breakfast at the inn, and then a tour of the Eisenhower museum. I am not a big Eisenhower buff nor a fan of military history, but Dad is, so he enjoyed the exhibits, and I enjoyed walking around and not having to get in the car right away. Pictures on Flickr.

Heading out of town, we saw eastern Kansas, which was surprisingly hilly and covered with trees compared to western Kansas. Missouri looked pretty much the same. Not much to report except that Starbucks are really hard to come by in both states (although every other chain restaurant is repeated approximately every 48.2 miles).

We stopped in Kansas City for lunch at Bryant’s, which I found on Yelp, and which turned out to be quite the authentic KC BBQ place: no frills and full of locals. Saint Louis has also turned out to be quite the nice town. It is full of huge brick houses that look like castles to this West Coast girl. The Loop, next to Washington University, is a great little area with all of the college stuff: bars, bubble tea shops, pizza places, etc. We had dinner at Blueberry Hill, which while historic, wasn’t that interesting on a Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, we’ll see the arch and then plow through Illinois and Indiana.


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