Day 3

The Arch and treesI was tempted to not write anything today because I really should go to bed, but if I don’t do it now, I never will. So…Day 3 was a very long day. Before leaving St. Louis, my dad and I stopped at the St. Louis Arch. We didn’t go up in it, but the waterfront park there is very lovely, full of trees in bloom. I have to say, I really like St. Louis much more than I expected.

Then we crossed the bridge into Illinois. Woo. Hoo. The weather got grayer and colder. The trees, which were blooming in St. Louis, were gray in Illinois. And Indiana. And Ohio. In fact, this whole day was gray. We stopped in Terre Haute, Indiana, for lunch at the old Clabber Girl Baking Powder factory, which was about as exciting as you’d expect a baking powder factory to be. By the time we rolled into Columbus, we were beat. It was the longest day of driving, and we lost an hour crossing into the Eastern time zone.

Terre Haute, IndianaNow I am in exciting Columbus. I can’t really say much about it because we mistakenly took the freeway that loops 20 miles around to the north of the city. Now we are east of the city, so we won’t see it on our way out tomorrow. But the important part is that I am now just 413 miles from Washington, DC! I can’t tell you how excited I am that tomorrow is finally March 29 and I will finally be in Washington! We will arrive in the afternoon–I’ll drop my dad off at his temporary housing across the street from the Pentagon, and then I have a very important airport run to make.


2 responses to “Day 3

  1. You are starting to freak me out. Kathy (yes, my friend’s name is also Kathy – our clever biology teacher dubbed us “K squared”) and I also stopped in both St. Louis and Columbus. But when we were in St. Louis, we went to the Bowling Museum. Did YOU go to the Bowling Museum? We went to the Bowling Museum. рџ™‚

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