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10 days

Multiple people have pointed out that I have posted anything in a while, so I suppose should do one of these what’s-been-going-on-lately posts. I’ll try to make up for what I think is my longest blogging dry spell since I started.

White HouseSo we last saw Lauren arriving in Washington, DC, after surviving a four-day drive from Colorado. Washington was absolutely wonderful and I wish I could have stayed longer. The city was nice, but it was really about the company. I had been looking forward to it for over a month, and it lived up to my very high expectations.

And now back in California, I must admit that my main focus has been counting the days until I leave again (see title of this post). In 10 days, I’ll be flying to London for over two weeks. I have been thinking about it for so long, yet it still doesn’t feel real to me. I don’t think it will until I am there. What I am looking forward to the most it getting the chance to just *be* there and not have it feel quite like a super-fast vacation where I have to run around and see everything. For two weeks, I’ll be working, so I’ll get a little glimpse at what it is like to live there.

In these five weeks between trips, I feel like I have a big pile of stuff to do, and since the pile is so big, I have been avoiding it. I know it is terrible procrastination, and if I just start doing that stuff, I’ll get through it and feel much better. But yet I can’t. Even the pile of clean clothes to fold feels overwhelming. At least I have been really productive at work this month. Lately I have been thinking about how much I miss having someone to help out with things like that. No, not someone to do my chores, but that partner in life who makes everything more manageable and more fun.

Lots of stairsPart of why I feel so overwhelmed and unable to do anything is because so many of the most important people in my life are so far away. And there is nothing I can do to bring them closer. I wish that they were all here so I could help them more, and so it would be easier for me to ask for help. I have so many supportive wonderful friends, and I am so thankful for them every day, and there is no way that I could live here in California by myself without them. But it just isn’t the same. I know it won’t be like this forever, but just right now, it’s hard for me.

But I am keeping busy with fun stuff as usual, so don’t go feeling sad for me or anything. Although there have been some complaints that I have been MIA lately, I really have been going out a lot. I just haven’t been able to be as proactive lately with the arranging of events, although I did do happy hour the other week.

The girlsLast weekend I was in Sacramento for family birthdays, including my grandma’s 90th. Before that, I went to the swanky Topix launch party at the St. Regis, and even got to spend the night. Easter festivities were at the SF apartment where I watched kids hunt eggs and eat lots of chocolate. Aside from that, I have been having lots of home-cooked meals at various friend’s houses, which are much appreciated since I tend to eat out so much. I have been spending an insane amount of money on drinks lately, and I really must break my $12 martini habit. Friday night I discovered that pitcher of beer at Zeitgeist are also $12, so I think I’ll be advocating for drinks there more often.

I think that about sums it up. I have spent the weekend here in SF, which has been fun, but it has also been a way for me to avoid that pile of work in San Jose. Splitting my time between two places is hard, especially with all of the traveling. I am hoping that in a few months, I’ll have a better idea of what my plans are, at least in the near term.


Recipe for a hangover

1 pitcher of margaritas at Tres Agaves

2 bottles of wine Paragon

2 pitchers of  beer at Zeitgeist

1 round of martinis at Pink

1 round of martinis at Double Dutch

Top it off with a chocolate milkshake and huevos rancheros at Pork Store, and sleep till noon. Serves 4.

Day 4

Well, this is a bit late. I drove from Columbus, Ohio, to Washington, DC, way back on Thursday, March 29. When I got to DC, I really didn’t have any time to write. I just got back to San Jose about an hour ago, and I am back at work tomorrow. So the epic road trip and Washington rendezvous are over. But back to Day 4…

Can’t say too much exciting about most of Day 4. Dad and I got up, got some coffee, and hit the road, driving through Ohio, and then ducking in and out of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. We stopped in Cumberland, Maryland, for lunch, and then arrived at Dad’s temporary housing right next to the Pentagon by 4 in the afternoon. I did most of the driving that dad, and navigated myself through DC (well, Arlington, really), with making just one wrong turn.

As for the drive itself, it was lots and lots of hills through forests of trees without leaves. It was a little pretty, and I could tell that it would be really nice once the trees got leaves. I talked to a couple at Dulles airport later that night who were from that part of Pennsylvania, and they said that they just got rid of their snow two weeks ago. So that made me very grateful for the nice weather we had that day.

The drive was finally over after logging 1775 miles. I then spent five amazing days in Washington. Since I probably won’t get around to writing about it, just check out Flickr.