First week in England

View from Aaron's flatIt has been just under a week since I arrive in England, and I have seen just under an hour total of sunshine. And I haven’t been so good about blogging, but thanks to everyone who has emailed to check up on me! I posted pictures of my trip so far on Flickr, and now I am trying to catch up on some writing.

Here is a quick rundown of my trip so far:

  • Arrived at Heathrow without any problems Thursday afternoon. The passport lady asked me so many questions about the purpose of my visit and who I was visiting that I thought I was going to have to go into personal details that even my friends don’t know.
  • The next day, surprisingly not jetlagged, I went on a customer visit in Yeovil, which is a town west of London. We drove right past Stonehenge, which was right there on the side of the road with a little sign at the exit. It is really just sitting there with nothing around it, but it must be only 50 yards from the highway.
  • On Saturday, we went to the market at Portobello Road before catching the train to Leeds. There were train delays, but we made it in time, and had fun at the wedding reception that night, dancing to a great funk/rock band.
  • Sunday morning, we had a traditional English breakfast with the newlyweds (well, I had poached eggs on toast) before continuing the whirlwind tour of Yorkshire.
  • We caught a train to Hebden Bridge, where we hopped out, rain through the rain, played a few games of pool at the pub with Aaron’s friend, and then hopped back on the train towards Manchester.
  • Then in Manchester we hopped off the train, had some pints at the pub (well, I had tea because I was so cold) with Aaron’s sister, and then hopped back on the train to London. Yet another train delay meant that we didn’t get back until after 11, so after that weekend, I was ready to relax in London for a while.
  • This week, I have been here in London, working at the flat, talking walks to see the sights, and doing some shopping.

That should bring you mostly up to date! More to come!


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