Quick check-in

So I have become a blogging slacker. And no, it isn’t because of a boy. I’ve just been a bit busy lately. Since I last wrote, I got back to California, took a last-minute trip to Florida to see my mom (and got to visit Cynthia too!), was a bridesmaid in Mandy’s wedding, and now I am about to go to Spokane. So yeah, my condo is trashed and my cats are neglected. Oh well. And my latest good news is that Aaron is coming to visit in September! So excited, of course. As for what happens after that, we are working on it, and I’ll let you know when I know for sure what our next move is.

What else? Let’s see…a newlywed Laura will be back in California in September and my roommate until her German gets his papers in order. Work is busy but getting kinda boring, but still better than IBM so I can’t complain. Yes, I am a hermit these days and no, I am not in SF very much because I have been in SJ when I am not out of town. In August, I need to get serious about selling my condo (anyone? anyone?). Still haven’t found a home for the cats, so if you know anyone who wants them, let me know. I can’t find my camera, so that is why Flickr has been so quiet lately. Um, that’s all I can think of, so that’s it for now!


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