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Weekend in the city

So to start, I must admit that I have a really bad song stuck in my head thanks to this title. When I was a sophomore in high school, I played piano for the jazz choir, and one of the songs we did was “Night in the City.” In case you haven’t heard of it, it is a super cheezy 70’s sounding song that goes like “Night. Night! In the city! In the city! Looks pretty! Looks pretty to me! Night in the city!” And that reminds me of last night when Laura and I were singing the song from the strip-club scene in “Lost in Translation” (yeah, that one) walking back from Love Parade. But enough of songs stuck in my head…

This has been a picture perfect weekend in San Francisco, although I haven’t done too much to take advantage of the sunny weather. But just walking around is wonderful when the sun is shining.  This weekend has been fun, but not too crazy, and so I think that I am beginning to find that balance between partying all night and sitting at home stressing out about things.  It’s been good food, good friends, and no hangovers, which makes me feel rather mature. Although I must admit, that when I get home, I do feel that something, or someone rather, is missing, and life isn’t quite where I want it to be.

But enough of that. Here are some of the places I’ve been this weekend:

  • Love Parade:  I finally made it this year, and didn’t stay for too long, but it was quite the site to see. It was like everyone went into their closets and found their favorite Burning Man/Halloween/underwear/clubbing outfit and headed to the Civic Center. It was very mellow and the cops looked bored, which is always what you want at big events.
  • Alembic: The attitude of the staff aside, this bar was lots of fun. It is no fun when it gets crowded, but we got there early enough to get a table. We worked our way though many of their interesting cocktails and wines, and most of the food menu. In general, the food is a bit salty, but super yummy. The only disappointment was dessert. But I’ll definitely be back.
  • Modern Tea: I haven’t been here in ages, but we ended up here when we wanted something near the Civic Center that wasn’t your typical rich restaurant food. For some reason, the food tastes more homemade, and there are lots of vegetarian options. The carrot cake was a bit boring, but maybe that’s a sign that I just need to give up on desserts when I go to dinner.
  • Kaleo Cafe: The internet continues to not work at the SF apartment, so I at the only place in all of Inner Sunset that has free wireless. It stopped working yesterday when I was here, and the girl did not know how to fix it, but I am not going to complain since it is the *only* place in Inner Sunset with free wireless. I had no idea it was here since it is not in the main 9th&Irving area, but Aaron finally found it searching on his Blackberry when he was here. If only they made better coffee…

I am staying up here instead of going back to San Jose tonight, so I might go check out the Folsom Street Fair, or maybe kiss some ass again at pub trivia at Pig & Whistle. Or, if Heather is lucky, I’ll tackle cleaning the refrigerator. I know y’all want to know these details.


Belated press

Until I started working in San Francisco, I volunteered at HomeSafe, now a part of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. After four years, I finally had to quit last November. I just did a quick Google search of my name (gotta do that every onece in a while), and I discover that I am in an article in the Spring 2007 newsletter, months after I left. You can tell by the write-up that whoever wrote the article knew nothing about me except that I had been there for ages. Here’s my 15 minutes of fame:

Lauren Hoernlein has been donating her time to caring for
HomeSafe youth and children since 2003. She has taught
children important life skills that they can incorporate
into their everyday lives. In teaching children how to
express their anger in a positive manner, she helps them
use their words and describe how they are feeling. Lauren
also graciously donates her time and energy to special
events and activities like the Holiday Boutique and Next
Door’s annual Spa Party.

While that is one of the main goal’s of the children’s program, that isn’t exactly what I was known for with the kids there. And I don’t even know what the Holiday Boutique is. Here’s what I focused on teaching the kids there:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables make great snacks, and fruit snacks don’t count.
  • Always say you’re sorry.
  • Wash your hands after going to the bathroom and before snack time.
  • Playing the piano is fun, and banging on the keys is not acceptable.
  • If you aren’t willing to share, then no one gets to play with the toys.

And, more than anything, I did my best to be there every week and to follow through on whatever I said I was going to do. I miss the kids. I miss drawing and dancing and playing games for a few hours  every week. Maybe I should find a new volunteer job with kids again…if my life ever settles down again.

I’m still here

It’s been so long that I don’t even know where to start. But the important news: Aaron arrives tomorrow for a week-long visit! It has been much too long and his visit will be much too short, but I’ll take what I can.

This summer was completely stressful and busy and not fun in a lot of ways. So I am trying to get back to my normal routine, although many of the dramas continue. I was having drinks with Anna the other night, and she is right: we have a great life here in San Francisco. It really is, but I also want to get out of this limbo that my life has become.  I am working on it, but everything takes longer than you expect.

I few other updates: I still haven’t found my camera. I cleaned my whole condo, and I can’t find it, although I am positive that it is there somewhere. Then I lost my phone a few weeks ago, so even the grainy pictures on Flickr have stopped.  I got a new phone, but it doesn’t have a camera. I am still looking for new owners for the condo and the cats, although I haven’t worked that hard on either fronts. I found a great Malaysian restaurant near work, and now I finally have a place to get good cheap Asian food at lunch. The $1 happy hour oysters at Bacar have turned me into an oyster fan.

That’s about it for now. The wireless doesn’t seem to be working in either SF or SJ lately, so that has impacted my online presence a bit. Don’t be surprised if it is another three months until you hear from me again!