Belated press

Until I started working in San Francisco, I volunteered at HomeSafe, now a part of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. After four years, I finally had to quit last November. I just did a quick Google search of my name (gotta do that every onece in a while), and I discover that I am in an article in the Spring 2007 newsletter, months after I left. You can tell by the write-up that whoever wrote the article knew nothing about me except that I had been there for ages. Here’s my 15 minutes of fame:

Lauren Hoernlein has been donating her time to caring for
HomeSafe youth and children since 2003. She has taught
children important life skills that they can incorporate
into their everyday lives. In teaching children how to
express their anger in a positive manner, she helps them
use their words and describe how they are feeling. Lauren
also graciously donates her time and energy to special
events and activities like the Holiday Boutique and Next
Door’s annual Spa Party.

While that is one of the main goal’s of the children’s program, that isn’t exactly what I was known for with the kids there. And I don’t even know what the Holiday Boutique is. Here’s what I focused on teaching the kids there:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables make great snacks, and fruit snacks don’t count.
  • Always say you’re sorry.
  • Wash your hands after going to the bathroom and before snack time.
  • Playing the piano is fun, and banging on the keys is not acceptable.
  • If you aren’t willing to share, then no one gets to play with the toys.

And, more than anything, I did my best to be there every week and to follow through on whatever I said I was going to do. I miss the kids. I miss drawing and dancing and playing games for a few hours  every week. Maybe I should find a new volunteer job with kids again…if my life ever settles down again.


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