Walking walking walking

I’ve been doing lots of walking this weekend, partly because MUNI pisses me off to no end, and partly because I’ve had a lot of contemplation to do. Yesterday, I walked to get coffee and a donut. Then I walked to the beach, and then up and down the beach. Then I walked from the N-Judah stop at Duboce down into Castro, and then over to Mission, and back to the N. Then thanks to more MUNI misfortune, I walked from the the N-Judah stop at Duboce & Noe to Divis. & Haight and back (gave up on the N-line, walked over the 6, gave up on the 6, so walked back).

I added it up thanks to a Google maps app, and it was over 10.5 miles! Today I wasn’t quite as ambitious because when I walked to get lunch (I slept till noon, maybe because I walked over ten miles the day before), my legs ached walking up the small hill on Funston).  But surprisingly, adding it up again, I walked over four miles without really trying (well, I did miss the 44 bus and ended up walking home from Geary and 6th Ave).

That got me thinking about the whole 10,000 steps thing, and playing around with the apps, I figure I am getting a minimum of 5,000 steps in at least a day when I am commuting from SJ. But when I am in the city without a car, I think I am walking pretty close to the 10,000. However, I am not willing to wear a pedometer to get a more accurate assessment of my walking.


One response to “Walking walking walking

  1. Did you use the gmaps.pedometer? Because my friend Paul designed it and it (and he) are awesome. http://www.gmaps-pedometer.com

    Lemme know if you want to do any contemplating over spicy beer.

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