It’s that time of year

So many excuses to celebrate these days. Tomorrow is my one-year anniversary at Coverity, and I’ll finally know what it is like to have stock options. Then we have Thanksgiving and my nephew’s birthday. And then, what really matters: my birthday! I want to have a party in San Francisco, but I am still figuring it out the details. So keep either the 11th itself, or the Saturday before (the 8th) open on your calendars. As an early birthday present to myself, I am finally going to replace my lost camera (don’t know what I want though–they don’t make one as small as my old one anymore).

Then of course is the Christmas craziness, and I haven’t figured out what I am going to do, although I think it won’t be much. I want to save up my vacation for a Colorado ski trip in January, and thanks to my crazy summer, I have almost no vacation time. Besides, traveling around the holidays is no fun. Speaking of which, I am going to take the train to Sacramento for Thanksgiving for the first time. I think it will be just as fast and cheaper than driving, so I am looking forward to it (and seeing the family of course!).

I am hoping for a good ski season this year, and I plan on doing a lot of skiing, unlike last year. I have new skis that I have been staring at all summer, so I can’t wait to use them again. So I guess I have made that transition from disbelief that it is the holiday season to looking forward to everything that is coming up!


One response to “It’s that time of year

  1. Wow! Can you believe another year is almost over?

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