The Silicon Valley Man

The Silicon Valley Man:

  • Lists C++ as a language on his online dating profile.
  • Loves the climbing gym.
  • Has a car that he is working on so he can get back into racing it.
  • Takes lots of pictures of his motorcycle.
  • Assumes it is okay to ask his girl pal or ex to bring her *hot* friends to a party.
  • Dismisses all mainstream sports such as football, baseball, and basketball, and instead is a fan of a sport that he himself participates in, such as cycling, car racing, or soccer.
  • Claims to love traveling, and sometimes even flies somewhere for work.
  • Dates mostly Asian girls, or wishes he did.
  • Owns an expensive DSLR camera with zoom lenses big enough to compensate for other things.
  • Drinks only single malt, single barrel, or 100% de agave.
  • Drinks PBR, but ironically.
  • Takes the shuttle to work, and thinks it is cool.
  • Never considers using the phone to set up a date, unless texting.
  • Lives in San Francisco because South Bay is so lame, or talks about moving to San Francisco, or just gets married and stays in the South Bay.

(Compiled after years of extensive research. No, that one isn’t just because of *you*.)


One response to “The Silicon Valley Man

  1. So that’s a good list of things not to talk about on a first date. That will keep things more interesting

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