Age 28: with pictures!

Heading home...For my 28th birthday, I bought myself a camera to replace the one that I lost this summer. So, there are finally pictures of Flickr again!

I decided to throw myself a party this year, which meant sending out an Evite to friends and showing up at a bar. For people who don’t like to organize, I highly recommend parties like this. I was happy to see so many people make it out on a Tuesday night, especially with all of the holiday craziness going on. Birthday parties are always interesting because they bring together an eclectic crowd. I spent a lot of time running around from table to table chatting with a glass of wine in my hand. Later in the evening, the group was small enough that we could gather around a single table. It was then that I finally remember to bring out the cake!

28 has so far been a wonderful year. I have a good feeling about this one. 27 was good, but in a high-drama sort of way. I am hoping to be done with that for a while. Now am looking forward to Christmas and an amazing 2008!


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