Thought I would check in here since it has been a while. Things have been crazy, to sum it up.

About a month ago, Javier and I finally started looking for a new apartment in the city. We found one pretty easily, and we are finally getting settled in. The only thing left to do is, oh yeah, move me up to the city. The cats and the piano are already up here, as are other random things, but finally tomorrow the movers arrive to bring the rest!

I am also working on the renting out the condo, and that’s the last major thing that I need to do for the move!

So if you are wondering where I have been, I have been packing, unpacking, cleaning, hauling, dumping, and just about any other boring thing you can think of.  I am also trying to take two online classes, so add homework to the list.

With all that going on, it is nice that I am not working right now, as of this week! I have been so busy that I don’t know how I had time to fit in work before. I am trying to cram as much work in to this little time I have off between jobs. I don’t have the next job lined up just yet, but I am not too worried…yet. Check back with me in a few weeks!

Since I have nine hours of my life back every day, I have been trying to do things that I always wish I had time for: going to the gym, practicing piano, reading, cooking, and catching up with friends. Nothing too exciting, but it is pretty nice, I must admit.

Oh, and since it is fall, it’s time to start thinking about skiing! Just this week we sent off the monies for a week-long ski trip in Colorado, and a cabin in Tahoe! So so so exciting!


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