You never know

For the first time in a long time, this blog could be used to consider me for a job, like a for-real job. This is why I never write anything that I wouldn’t want my mom to see.  But that got me thinking about my Web 2.0 claims to fame.  The Web 2.0 buzz has died down quite a bit, but let’s reminisce, shall we?

  • Illegal use of my photo in the New York Magazine’s blog Grub Hub. I contacted the writer, explaining that you can’t steal photos from Flickr and how copyrighting and basic blog etiquette works. I never got my blog link that was promised.
  • My brief moment of fame.
  • The answer to why I do this and why you should too.
  • Food writing.

Anyway, blogging seemed to be the first step towards making communicating via the interwebs accessible to more people, and now with things like Facebook and Twitter, it is becoming even easier to communicate. Although the shift seems to be going from telling the world about your grand thoughts and caring about links and hits, to talking directly to your friends and family and caring about their personal responses. That’s why I’ve found myself less and less here on WordPress and more on Facebook (sorry Twitter). There is also the move to mobile apps, which I am still not a part of thanks to my cheap little phone.

Totally unrelated, here’s why I don’t have an iPhone yet. It’s like herd immunity. When everyone you are around is immune to a disease, you aren’t going to catch it, even if you aren’t immune, because there is no one to catch the disease from. I don’t have an iPhone, but since everyone I know has one and there is always someone nearby with one, I have all of the benefits of them without owning one. Granted, now that I am running around more on my own during the days instead of being stuck at work, I sometimes wish I had one. I do want an iPhone, of course, but it just hasn’t been a pressing issue for me. One of these days I’ll get around to it.


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