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It’s too cute!

DSC04938Here it is! My new phone (although it isn’t activated yet). I finally have a flip phone with a display on the outside so I don’t have to constantly flip it open to see what time it is or who is calling. And it has a camera! With a flash! Think I am prolific with the pictures and Flickr now, just wait.

And most importantly: it’s super cute!! Look how small it is! OMG!!!


It’s the cutest!

my iPod shuffle is here!I finally got my new iPod shuffle this week. It is quite exciting, I must say. I have been annoying people in the office by shoving it in their faces and saying “Isn’t it cuuuuute?!?”

So far I have uploaded lots of music and NPR podcasts for the gym. And it has been an excellent addition to my gym experience. I love that I can just clip it to my clothes and that I don’t feel it at all.

In other tiny gadget news: I just ordered a  PanTech C300, which is the tiniest, cutest phone from Cingular (yes, I switched from Sprint because I wanted to cute phone and a cheaper plan). I won’t be the first girl on the block to have it, but I am still excited. I did a tiny bit of research online today to make sure that it wasn’t completely panned by the critics, and I stumbled across the CNet video review, which happened to be by Nicole Lee, who I have met through! It’s a very small world.

Expect a picture of the new phone when it arrives in a few days, taken with my super cute and tiny Sony T7.

The Men of WordCamp 2006

Just because the WordCamp crowd was predominantly male doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve their own photo spread. You guys were cute! So let’s show you off!

And, so I present to you:

The Men of WordCamp 2006!
(in no particular order)

Will Pate
 Another Will picture

Tommy Keswick
 Mr. Willoby

Zbigniew Braniecki
The foreigners

Andy Skelton
Photo by: Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)

Photo by: Brian Walsh

Matt Mullenweg
Photo by: Brian Walsh

Steve Cooley
Photo by: Arnaud Hubert

David Krug

Aaron Brazell
party people = party pictures

Some notes: Yes, this list is completely subjective (and fairly random). I took advantage the relatively large pool of men at the conference and picked the guys who I thought were cute enough to make the cut and who had pictures that I could use. If you aren’t on the list, it could mean that I just couldn’t find a photo of you. But I welcome petitions for other guys to be added. This is all in good fun. Finally, all of these photos are either mine or are being shown under Creative Commons licenses. Please let me know if I did not attribute you correctly. Enjoy the show!

I think I have already read this

My life: January 15 of Bridget Jones's Diary.

Not that EXITEd

So it seems to be a requirement every spring to talk about how to get more girls interested in math and science, why there aren't enough female engineering, and how math can be FUN!! Oh, pu-leeeze.

I am so sick of it. Maybe I am just bitter. I had the "you're a girl who's good at math, so you should be an engineer" brainwashing throughout school. And here I am, doing a job that I am really pretty good at. But guess what? I hate it. Maybe hate it too strong of a word, but I am definitely not passionate about it.

Why don't we encourage kids to do what they are passionate about? Do what they really want to do? Sure, I was told that I could be anything I wanted to be, but at the same time, I was also very much encouraged to pursue a science-oriented career, preferably related to math and physical sciences because biology is a little on the girly side.

We took a career interest test in high school, and guess what it said I should do? Be a social worker. Yup. And guess what everyone's reaction was? Laughter. And I blew off the test. Guess what my mom said when I came home one time during my first year or two of college and said that I was considering being a teacher? "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." I am sure she didn't think anything of her offhand comment, but it did make me stop and reconsider.

And now here I am, thinking about going back to school to do something related to social services, education, or public health.

This alternate universe

I just read an awesome article about Myspace that really sums up the whole nutty online social world. The article focuses on the "Top 8" friend ranking, which is an exercise that I have been through. But since none of my real-life close friends on are on MySpace and I don't use MySpace to blog anymore, it haven't exactly thought about it too much.

The article gets really funny when it goes into the "status" issue. I admit that I have been through the whole switching between "single" and "in a relationship" multiple times. And pathetically, I once knew a relationship was really over when an ex switched his status back to single.

"It gets highly dramatic," says Danah Boyd, a doctoral student at UC Berkeley who is studying the culture of social networking. "Sometimes one person thinks they're single while the other person thinks they're dating…. You can't have your status be, 'I'm in a relationship that I'm not entirely thrilled with, I'm waiting for something better, come talk to me.' "

And then there is the online stalking:

Where there's stalking, there's reverse stalking. After all, wouldn't you want to know who's watching you? To watch them watch you without them knowing they're being watched? Um, of course you would. At first. And then you realize that if you watch whoever's watching you, then you'll also be unveiled to everybody you're stalking, which puts a real damper on the initial voyeuristic enterprise.

Yes, I have done my share of online stalking. Yes, I have been on dates and pretended that I didn't know something a guy told me after reading about it online. Yes, I have purposely avoided going to sites because of tracking software. And yes, I always look at the stats of this blog to check out the referrers and number of hits.
UPDATE: Since I am in a confession mood, I thought I would explain how I found this article in the first place. It started out with me writing some new reviews on Yelp. I also read the Review of the Day by D.K. and laughed my ass off, so I read more of his reviews. And then I sent him a compliment (figuring out the Yelp social etiquette) and looked his profile. I followed the link to his Second Favorite Website, which is Arts & Letters Daily. I looked around and it seemed like a really cool site, so I posted it to It was on that site when I found a link to the afore-linked article.

Happy in sandals

The weather is sunny and warm finally, and that means it is time for sandals and skirts. There is something about shedding the layers of clothing that makes me happy. I even did a skip-twirl on the plaza the other day.

Skirts and sandals are sooo much more comfortable than pants and shoes. You boys have no idea what you are missing. And on the practical side, wearing sandals means that I don't have to hunt down matching socks in the morning.

It is going to be a good summer.