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You never know

For the first time in a long time, this blog could be used to consider me for a job, like a for-real job. This is why I never write anything that I wouldn’t want my mom to see.  But that got me thinking about my Web 2.0 claims to fame.  The Web 2.0 buzz has died down quite a bit, but let’s reminisce, shall we?

  • Illegal use of my photo in the New York Magazine’s blog Grub Hub. I contacted the writer, explaining that you can’t steal photos from Flickr and how copyrighting and basic blog etiquette works. I never got my blog link that was promised.
  • My brief moment of fame.
  • The answer to why I do this and why you should too.
  • Food writing.

Anyway, blogging seemed to be the first step towards making communicating via the interwebs accessible to more people, and now with things like Facebook and Twitter, it is becoming even easier to communicate. Although the shift seems to be going from telling the world about your grand thoughts and caring about links and hits, to talking directly to your friends and family and caring about their personal responses. That’s why I’ve found myself less and less here on WordPress and more on Facebook (sorry Twitter). There is also the move to mobile apps, which I am still not a part of thanks to my cheap little phone.

Totally unrelated, here’s why I don’t have an iPhone yet. It’s like herd immunity. When everyone you are around is immune to a disease, you aren’t going to catch it, even if you aren’t immune, because there is no one to catch the disease from. I don’t have an iPhone, but since everyone I know has one and there is always someone nearby with one, I have all of the benefits of them without owning one. Granted, now that I am running around more on my own during the days instead of being stuck at work, I sometimes wish I had one. I do want an iPhone, of course, but it just hasn’t been a pressing issue for me. One of these days I’ll get around to it.


Reasons to blog

I just got back from the WITI conference, where I got the questions “Why do you blog?”and “Should I blog?” I am a big fan of blogging, so here are some reasons that I think people should blog. If you have a blog, please add to the list! If you don’t, maybe these are some reasons to encourage you to start one. Of course, I don’t think that everyone has to blog, or you are not as cool or geeky if you don’t have a blog. These are just some ideas if you are wondering what the deal is with this whole blogging thing.

  • Express yourself. We all have an urge to express ourselves, and blogging is a simple way to get part of who we are out into the world.
  • Practice writing. Even if you aren’t a professional writer or want to be a writer, everyone needs to write well to be successful. Blogging is a great way to get yourself to just write on a somewhat regular basis. It doesn’t matter what you write about. The act of writing, in a format other than an email or IM, is good practice. There are no rules about what your blog has be to about or a style that it has to conform to, so you can write narratives about your life, write critiques about other blogs or books, explain your position on an issue, get others charged up about something that you are passionate about, or just complain about the world.
  • Get feedback on your writing. Blogs are interactive. People will tell you what they think, especially if they hate what you write or if they feel a personal connection to what you write. You might not get this feedback in comments in the blog itself. People who I didn’t even know read my blog will tell me “I tried that recipe and it was great” or “You are really full of youth angst, aren’t you?” Feedback, whether you agree with it or whether it is positive, is inevitable (so expect it!) and a good thing.
  • Improve your personal SEO. Blogs, since they are updated regularly, are going to increase the number and relavance of hits when people Google you. And people are Googling you, so you should care. Have some control over what people find.
  • Become rich and famous. There is a chance that people will love your blog, you’ll attract a devoted following, and you’ll make so much money on the ads on your blog that you can retire early and be mobbed by fans every time you walk out the door. It is a small chance, but other people have done it, so you might as well try too.

A year in blogging

I was skimming through my old MySpace blog (the gateway blog), and I realized that I have been blogging for over a year! When I look back on it all, I really have written a lot, and almost all of it from sitting in this same chair.

Here’s a little walk down memory lane:

Other than that, there are tons of posts about going out, music, food issues, dating, San Francisco, and whining about work.

Hey, I hit 5000!

I just noticed that my blog just reached the 5000 hits mark. So that means that I am averaging about 1000 hits a month. Numbers are fun.
Since we’re talking numbers: My Flickr page has been viewed over 12K times. I have had it for about 15 months, so that means I am averaging about 800 hits a month. That’s not really very accurate since those first few months were pretty quiet. It is probably getting about 1000 hits/month, too.

Food Fight is also starting to pick up speed. I’ve had over 300 hits and I have been adding posts really just for two weeks.

Monday is for rollers

Ok, so I know this isn’t like me, but I don’t have practice Thanksgiving pictures posted yet, but I promise I’ll get them up on Flickr tonight (sorry, Laura!). Yeah, I am being a slacker, but you know how it is. Hate to use the busy excuse, but it’s true! With what? You know…stuff…

Speaking of being lazy, I think I finally need to add a blogroll. Want me to add yours? Let me know. Your submission will go through a very thorough screening process (involving lots of pointing, laughing, and snarky comments) and then I’ll add your link.

New blog: Food Fight!

Just wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog here on Food Fight!

Check out my post about what is Food Fight, and today’s post about fiber, and let me know what you think.

I am off on vacation for about a week, so things will be pretty quite around here for a while. I’d say to keep an eye on Flickr for vacation pics, but my camera isn’t doing so well. I found out that I have to send it into Sony to get it fixed for $181! I haven’t decided if I am going to spend the money to do that yet, but no matter what, I won’t be taking pictures this week.

A little idea’s journey through the blogosphere

After WordCamp, I, like all of the other bloggers there, blogged about the event and surfed Technorati and Flickr to read and comment about it. It all started innocently enough. I found a blog post that had some of my Flickr pictures on it, so I made a comment. Next thing I knew, I had started a bit of a discussion about copyrights. Some people were rude and illogical, but some folks, like Matt and Chester, backed up my position more eloquently than I ever could. Also, this is what triggered my Men of WordCamp post, in case anyone was wondering where that came from.

In additon to being linked to from various other blogs, this discussion has continued, for better or worse:

It has been an interesting experience and I have liked seeing how a small idea or comment can grow into something that is way beyond me and my pictures. Ain’t Web 2.0 great?