Monthly Archives: June 2008

Mystery solved

Amazing what you find when you clean. I’ve been cleaning out my condo bit by bit most weekends lately, thanks to all of the help from Javier. There is hope that might life might get back into order with him around. (Or maybe start to be in order for the first time!) But first, the history…

So, as my many faithful readers know, I love to take pictures, and I loved my Sony T7 camera. I took it with me everywhere because it was just so so itty bitty and skinny and cute and adorable and like totally awesome. Until I got back from England last spring and thought, I’m not doing anything picture-worthy any time soon, so i don’t need to put it in my purse like usual. And that’s the last I saw it. It went missing, but I knew knew knew that it was in my condo somewhere.  I really did know it was there.

My place was, to put it nicely, trashed at the time. I was going through a phase. I had a rough time last year. So I figured it was somewhere in the chaos and it would turn up eventually. And I eventually did start cleaning things up and knew it would show up–eventually. I wasn’t too worried. In the mean time, people asked where my camera was. People wondered why Flickr went unupdated for so long. People snickered at my explanation that I lost it in the mess that is my condo. Then six months went by.

My birthday was coming up, and I was ready to, well, do something. I was starting to feel better and more normal. Except that I was missing my camera. So I bought a new one: not as tiny, not as thin, not as expensive. But it was red. And I love red. I was sold on my new cute Nokia, and it arrived just in time for my birthday party that I threw for myself.

I had my camera again and, not so coincidently if you ask me, I had my Javier. With his help, I started cleaning my place out more and more, and I’ve made lots of progress. (side note: I make it sound like I have tons of crap, but it really isn’t the case at all. I am really just trying to get rid of pretty much everything because I am very anti-stuff right now.)

Today, I was cleaning my bedroom, and I thought for the first time in ages to look in my nightstand drawer. I never use my nightstand drawer to the point where I forget that it even is a drawer. I opened it up and realized that at some point, I had decided to store all sorts of random electronics stuff in there, like that crappy iPod radio thing for the car that I never use. And there in the back, sitting there within a foot of my head when I sleep, was my…wait for it…my camera!

Yes yes, I finally found my camera. Mystery solved. I so told you it was somewhere in my condo and that it would turn up eventually. I have to admit that it is looking pretty beat up and not so new and swanky. But I bet it works if I charge the battery. Now I just have to find all the cords and cables, and I can hopefully pass it on to someone who can use it!